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Taking care of business and brands

Integrated facility management means that we take care of all business that is not your core business, just the way you like it. Through a shared commitment to service standards, we deliver cost-effective, high-quality services in offices, real estate and stores.

Soft services, hard services and project management

All for an efficient day at work

Letting us staff the reception, take care of office services, coffee, catering, cleaning and more will free resources for your core business. We take care of the establishments of numerous high end retail and company brands.

Keeping you safe and compliant all around

Our proactive commitment to safety, caretaker services, property management, technical and outdoor area maintenance will keep you safe and compliant to regulations.

Yes, we take care of all business

Our project management team organize and manage just about anything you can think of, from office removals to emergency plans and the improvement of all over quality or cutting costs. Just ask!

Taking care of our business

In the constant strive for excellence, we measure ourselves by the highest standards of environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement as well as quality management.

A strategic initiative with a mutual target of service standard

The integrated facility management (IFM) is the design of services tailored to the needs and standards of each client. It is a cost efficient, long perspective collaboration based on proficiency, optimization and proactivity.

Meet Marcus, he will tell you all about our services in the Nordics

Drop our Business Development Director Marcus Ellsen an e-mail or give him a call and your needs will be taken care of.

“Serving those who care” is our mission

We aren’t for everyone; we are for those who prioritize brand reputation, customer loyalty, and the well-being of both people and places. If that describes you, your search ends here.
We care about both the big and small details, constantly striving for improvement.