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Let's talk sustainability

Our HSEQ strategy revolves around the well-being of our people, the health of our planet, and the prosperity of our business.

To attract the right people and keep everyone safe

We owe our success to the dedicated individuals who care for our clients’ businesses every day. With high ambitions and a focus on serving high-end customers, we prioritize being an attractive employer. We aim for nothing less than top scores in ‘Attractive Employer’ surveys.

Safety remains our number one priority, and our ISO certifications ensure we adhere to strict processes and regulations. We are committed to achieving zero occupational accidents, which involves setting clear standards and key performance indicators. While measurement is essential, our everyday adherence to our values, encapsulated in ‘Take C.A.R.E,’ gives purpose to our commitment to occupational safety.

To take care of the planet throughout all activities

We continually assess the environmental impact of our activities, with a focus on minimizing our contribution to climate change by reducing or offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions. This includes electrifying our vehicle fleet and using green electricity.
All our services are designed with sustainability in mind, and we develop a sustainability criteria roadmap for phased implementation until 2030.

To grow responsibly

Good governance and compliance are essential to our approach to growth. We have ambitious commitments to honesty, reliability, sustainability, and zero tolerance for corruption. A central system for collecting key performance indicators (KPIs) serves as the cornerstone of our efforts.
We wholeheartedly welcome the whistleblower hotline as a valuable source of information for continuous improvement and the prompt resolution of any issues.