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Facility management for those who care about their brand

Are you looking for someone who supports your brand experience, a partner in facility management rather than a service supplier? Someone who simply takes care of all business that is not your core business? Well, you found it.

Taking care of business

Truly integrated facility management

We offer proactive business partnership, handling the full outsourcing of a wide range of non core services.

A true one stop shop throughout the Nordics

We match all needs of office support services and technical building maintenance, security services, cleaning, catering solutions and more.

A true single point of contact for all sites

Facilitating facility management is our word of honor. With us, you will have a single point of contact designated for all your sites in the Nordic region.

Your IFM supplier in the Nordics

We provide Integrated Facility Management, IFM, solutions in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Easiness, clear reporting, a single point of contact, cost-effectiveness, occupational safety, compliance with local laws, and transparency in the cost structure are key elements of our collaboration with our clients. This applies to local companies as well as multinationals operating throughout the Nordic countries.

A strategic initiative with a mutual target of service standard

The integrated facility management is the design of services tailored to the needs and standards of each client. It is a cost efficient, long perspective collaboration based on proficiency, optimization and proactivity.

Your career takes off here

Perhaps it’s because we genuinely care, emphasizing compassion, attention, respect, and excellence as our core values. Alternatively, it could be the enjoyment we derive from our work and the trust we place in one another. It might also be the diverse avenues for career advancement that we offer. Join the team and see for yourself!

Meet Marcus, he will tell you all about our services in the Nordics

Drop our Business Development Director Marcus Ellsen an e-mail or give him a call and your needs will be taken care of.