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Our mission is serving those who care

We are not for everybody. We are for those who care about brand reputation, customer loyalty, success and well being of people and sites. If that is you, we are the end of your search.

Small enough to care, strong enough to cover all your needs

Flexibility and trust

You are the expert on your company’s needs. By keeping decision-making close to you, we achieve cost efficient services tailored to your standards.

Ambition and growth

Since our beginnings in 2014, we have established throughout the Nordics. Today we are 200 employees across five countries and are continually expanding.

Long term perspectives

Backed by strong owner’s who share our long term perspectives you can stay confident that we will have your back, taking care of business many years ahead.

Committed to a sustainable growth

We are on a growth journey with sustainability as the guiding light. By constantly reviewing, developing, and improving our entire business, processes and services, we optimize our performance without compromising safety, quality, or compliance.

Our values are Take C.A.R.E


Compassion is key. It’s the strive to improve the well being of our clients and also what gives us the groove and the laughs.


We pay attention to big and small, and do what’s needed. We pay extra special attention to health, safety and sustainability.


We act respectfully towards each other, our clients and anyone who comes into contact with us. We respect each other’s differences.


We settle for nothing less than simply the best. Because, excellence today may be no more than good enough tomorrow.

Reach out to us, we are here for you

For any questions, concerns or support issues, please get in touch.

Taking care of our business

In the constant strive for excellence, we measure ourselves by the highest standards of environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement as well as quality management.