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Comprehensive facility management services made simple

Four FM provides companies and organisations with tailored facility management services affordably and with guaranteed results. We offer a new approach to traditional facility management – we make things easier.

Our service provision is not about us but rather your needs as our customer. This is why we usually do not present a comprehensive list of the specific services that we provide. Below you can see some examples of the range of services that we are able to offer. Contact us for other options!

Our tailored facility services make your operations more efficient

All customers are different, so just one model will not suit everyone. We always tailor our service solutions customer-specifically, taking into account the individual requests and needs. We make the services and their management as easy as possible for you by taking full responsibility end to end down to the smallest detail. This way, you can focus on your core business.

The best solution for each customer

Sometimes, the best solution is a set of various services where the on-site personnel have diverse duties beyond normal roles, combining cleaning, coffee machine maintenance, caretaker duties and waste management. And, sometimes, the optimal solution can be arranged by hiring a local professional.

Quality at every level

We deliver everything you need – from on-demand services to scheduled maintenance, emergency assignments and on-site services. Our joint quality assurance reviews, competent personnel and careful selection of partners ensure that there will be no surprises and the quality remains at a high level as agreed.

Honesty and openness

By being honest and open in everything we do, we are able to deliver what we promise: guaranteed results. In reality, we are doing nothing new. What is new is how we do it.

Why you should choose Four FM

The following reasons, among others, make us your best choice:

  • We are truly service-oriented.
  • We keep our fixed costs low.
  • Our ownership structure is customer-friendly.
  • We apply the Best Practice approach.
  • We have access to an extensive professional network.
  • Our operations are well-established.
  • The modern technology that we use also serves our customers.
  • We offer flexible service for any need.
  • We believe in the continuous development of our operations.
  • We guarantee high quality.
  • Our operations incorporate family values.
  • Our employees are committed to our service.
  • We are completely open in everything we do.

We deliver affordable facility management services according to high standards of quality. We aim for efficiency and better performance than the large companies in the business. Our guiding values of Simplicity, Openness and Responsibility are reflected throughout our operations.