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Our customers

We serve a very diverse range of customers. They include industry-leading companies, and most of them are well-known global brands. We deliver them services in most or all Nordic countries. They all share a high demand for quality and cost-efficiency and a need for detailed and comprehensive reports. Out of respect for our customers’ privacy, we are not publishing their names.

We offer an international one-stop shop concept where everything can be arranged through one point of contact.

Examples of our customers’ industries:

  • grocery stores
  • constructions industry
  • consulting
  • production and sale of mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • software and applications
  • social media
  • cloud services
  • industry, manufacture of windows for cars and machinery
  • luxury fashion brands for men and women
  • luxury lingerie
  • production of children’s toys and clothing
  • production of consumer goods, cleaning agents and personal hygiene products
  • management of commercial properties
  • business hotels
  • production of sportswear and sports equipment
  • gym business
  • finance.