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Four FM

We are a new kind of facility management provider and we deliver what we promise: guaranteed results at a low cost. In reality, we are doing nothing new. What is new is how we do it. This makes us an attractive business partner, and we sign contracts with new customers all the time.

Our organisation

Flexibility and delegated responsibility

The Four FM organisation emphasises flexibility, and our decision making takes place close to the customer. The core team is made up of Facility Managers who receive support from specialists, as necessary. Our management team is decentralised for avoiding the cost of physical headquarters.

We believe that scalability of our operations, taking responsibility and being close to our customers’ operations contribute to our goal of providing services cost-efficiently. Similarly, our company avoids having unnecessary office premises and the related overhead, since our most important work takes place at the customer’s location.

Effective management

Our Facility Managers and Directors are the customer’s first point of contact. They have operational responsibility and are often based on site. For maximum efficiency, all Facility Managers and Directors have the authority to make the necessary decisions regarding the financial aspects and service provision. The decisions regarding the customer site are always made together with the customer.

We aim to keep the organisation flat in order to maintain a good flow of information and ensure that the decision making supports the service that we provide. We avoid creating silos between the different service functions. Regardless of their title, our employees always take the steps needed for reaching the agreed results.

We apply lean management to our operations whenever possible. We take care of everything through a single point of contact because we believe that the partnership should be as simple as possible for the customer.

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