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Four FM

We are a new kind of facility management provider and we deliver what we promise: guaranteed results at a low cost. In reality, we are doing nothing new. What is new is how we do it. This makes us an attractive business partner, and we sign contracts with new customers all the time.

Facility management in the Nordics


In the spring 2012, Tomas and Karin Östgren saw that the time was right for their vision – creating an efficient, successful and dedicated facility management company in the Nordic market. Four FM was first registered in Sweden.


In 2013, the business expanded to Finland and Denmark.


In 2014, the acting management, Magnus Bergström, acquired the company from Tomas and Karin Östgren.


In 2015, the business expanded to Norway.

We receive strong operative and financial support from our European partners.


Four FM owns a share of ECS (European Customer Synergy S.A.), where the company represents the Nordic countries. Through ECS, Four FM has access to an extensive network of experts, which supports our operations and enables us to participate in Europe-wide tenders and contracts. ECS provides Four FM with the latest updates on the industry’s trends and best practices.