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Four FM

We are a new kind of facility management provider and we deliver what we promise: guaranteed results at a low cost. In reality, we are doing nothing new. What is new is how we do it. This makes us an attractive business partner, and we sign contracts with new customers all the time.

Our promise to you

We want to offer the best possible customer experience and change the way how facility management services are provided. We believe in openness and tailoring our services according to customers’ individual needs. Our operations are guided by our three key values, which we all are committed to.



The partnership should be as simple as possible. Our service-minded and flexible approach enables us to provide our services according to high standards of quality. We take care of everything covered by the contract smoothly.


You, our customer, should understand what you are paying for, and with our open book model you know you get value for your money. You can audit our records anytime. This also applies to our personnel. If you wish, you can check the actual duration of our visits to your site.


To us, decision making is important but quick decision making is even more important. Accordingly, we do not believe in red tape but rather in keeping decision making close to the customer. Our Facility Managers are authorised to make decisions within the budget. As a responsible service provider, we take full responsibility for our partners as well as our employees.