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  • Facility management for all your needs

    Facility management for all your needs

    We offer tailored facility management services comprehensively in the Nordic countries.

  • Transparency ensures integrity

    Transparency ensures integrity

    With transparent cost information, you know what you are paying for.

Making facility management truly simple

Four FM provides companies and organisations with tailored facility management services with guaranteed results.
We offer a new approach to traditional facility management – we make things easier.


We make things easy. Our work is quick, flexible and based on routines that keep things simple for everyone. The employee closest to the customer is authorised to make the necessary decisions on-site. This makes our decision making efficient. We take care of everything covered by the contract smoothly and ensure that your partnership with us is as simple as possible.


We believe in openness, honesty and transparency in all of our relationships. We have nothing to hide. We track the agreed goals and report their progress back to you. You, our customer, should understand what you are paying for, and with our open book model you know you get value for your money. You can audit our records anytime and check the actual duration of our visits to your site.


You can rely on us at all times. We set high demands for ourselves and our partners so that you can focus entirely on your core business. As a responsible service provider, we take full responsibility for our partners as well as our employees. We also take care of our employees’ training, engagement and motivation.